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親愛的家長 您好     時光飛逝,匆匆地一個學年又即將接近尾聲!在這一年裡,我們看見了孩子們的成長與蛻變,看著寶貝們自信且穩健地邁起步伐走向下一個學習階段

2017 畢業典禮&成果發表

一個艾力美語驕傲的時刻! 孩子在這摸索自己的潛能,點燃學習的熱情,慢慢地成為一位身體力行的"實踐者"。這段時光,艾力美語有榮幸與您陪伴孩子的成長;在孩子準備邁開學習旅程下一步,邀請您與我們一起,向孩子無限的未來獻上祝福。  

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Study at Stanford Online High School

During my first year at Stanford Online High School (OHS), English class was very tough. Given an English award in my previous school, I felt overwhelmed when I received a bad score on my first


There are many ways to implement scaffolding at school and at home – it’s an inherently flexible format that allows for much creativity when creating learning environments. Here are a few examples of what we