March has been an excellent month in Level 3A. We have been working on expanding our writing ability and paying special attention as well to our reading aloud skills.

Our themes this month have been a lot of fun. The first one that we covered was building and construction, and this is of course a very rich theme. We are somewhat lucky that we have a construction site right outside our window, so on a few occasions I was able to refer to what the students could see with their own eyes every day. This was especially helpful for explaining the concept of “welding,” which is not easy to understand. For cities, we talked about how the people within a city rely on each other and how the city itself relies upon taxes. In our Role Play, we were able to see how though paying taxes is not enjoyable, it is much better than the alternative of having no roads, police, or hospitals. In our maps theme, the students created their own “treasure map” of the common area and challenged their classmates to find the marked spot from the map in the actual room. The students really impressed me with how well they did at this.

In phonics this month, we are learning a new phoneme, the /oo/ sound. The students already show a strong grasp of this sound, and that’s not surprising considering that they know many words containing the sound, including several sight words.

The students have been working hard in their new sight words books. They have shown themselves to be very good at creating sentences around words from the sight words book, and I have also noticed in their writing there is rarely a single misspelled sight word.

In writing class, we have been working on establishing an ordered narrative so that our writing is more organized and makes sense. This is something we started practicing last month but it takes some time to get used to. So far the students have done very well with this. We have also been practicing reading aloud and the skills that go with that, such as good reading volume and posture and putting emotion into our voice as we read. This will help the students be ready for a presentation at the end of the school year. Great job, everyone!