Dear Parents and Students,

It’s March and that means spring is finally here again. I hope everyone is taking their opportunities to get outside and enjoy some exercise. While we are in the classroom, we have been improving our abilities to communicate in English, and enhancing our knowledge about our world, our past, and ourselves.

We have learned and practiced some very important concepts in Language Arts class this month. We continued to work on subject-verb agreement while we delved into the world of adjectives. Adjectives allow people to better express themselves by describing their experiences. Good use of adjectives also helps writers connect with their readers, and it makes reading more enjoyable. We have explored adjectives relating to every one of our five senses so that students will be able to express themselves in various situations.

In Science class we have been studying one of my favorite subjects of the year: space! We have learned about specific objects in our solar system and how those are related to each other. The students are now familiar with the sun and other stars, planets, the moon, and how and why the moon seems to change its shape. We have also discussed some of the important forces present in our universe such as gravity. The students have been amazed with the incredible scale of the universe, the properties of planets and stars, and some of the interesting objects that exist out there!

In Social Studies class we have been learning about different features of the past. We have learned about how people have moved around the world to explore other places, and how native populations have been affected by such movement. Students have also been introduced to how family life was different long ago, and what it was like to go to school in the past. It has been interesting to hear the students’ thoughts about what life was like for their parents and grandparents when they were children. Our world today is one filled with exciting new technology, and this younger generation has never known life without it.

Students have reflected on their real life experiences and preferences this month in Journal class. They have recounted their winter vacations and thought about the seasons and times of day they like best. They have also geared themselves toward spring by writing about the fun things they like to do at this time of the year. I hope you enjoy reading their work.