Excelsior! In science this month, we discussed the Earth’s minerals, soil, and layers. We talked about how minerals make up the various types of rocks and are used in nearly everything we make. They acknowledged minerals are present in the food we eat and many are essential to our bodily processes. We conducted an experiment using common washing soda to make stalactite cave pillars. The pillars weren’t produced but the students were able to see the creation of rock crystals! In our soil theme, they learned about the importance of topsoil and soil layers and the amount of water different types of soil can hold. We learned about the Earth’s layers and how absolutely deep each layer is and what they consist of. We used playdoh experiment how rock formations and mountains form as the Earth’s pressure pushes the crust against each other.

In social studies, we reviewed communities from long ago including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and Mali, how they structured themselves and their accomplishments. It is closely related to the themes we cover in research class. We covered the first and arrived populations of North America including the Native Americans and their many ways of life. We discussed the arrival of European populations to the Americas, the exploration of the continents, and the settlements and colonization of what is now the USA.

Our journal class this month was extremely creative! The students had to make a story about a world with no electricity and what they or their characters did there. We made a story about two farmers who had special crops and they had a feud over whose crop was the best. Finally, our last journal story of the month focused on an expedition into a jungle to find a secret plant. The search party for the plant all wants it for themselves so drama and intrigue is sure to follow! In reading class, Level 6 finally completed their product presentation dramas! They created posters, masks, and a small skit with memorized lines to present their drink to the class. The groups did very well displaying their use of volume, intonation, pronunciation, creativity, and showmanship!

Our research this month has introduced Level 6 to the ancient Roman civilization. We have looked at their geography and background including the kingdom, republic, and empire. They learned about the abundance of food and resources located around the city of Rome securing them to be a fast growing city with technological and cultural prowess. We looked over the social order, the struggle between the Patricians and Plebeians, the Freemen, and Slaves. The students seem interested in a suborder of the Slave class, the Gladiators so I have decided we will spend a week talking about Roman entertainment and games. Good work this month Level 6!