This has been an exciting month for Level 8. We are moving forward with our research project and beginning to practice some of the presentation skills that will help us give our best presentation when the time comes.

In Research class, the students have chosen their final research topics and are working on their preliminary research. We have discussed research reading techniques to aid in comprehension and have also begun learning how to take good research notes. Additionally, the students have put in a little practice making outlines, a skill that will be very valuable later when they are writing their reports and beginning to work on their presentations. In the meantime, we have finished up our persuasive essay project and will be devoting a little bit of time each week to practicing presenting this speech. During this time, students will practice proper speaking volume, rhythm, and intonation.

In Science class, we have continued our unit on physics and chemistry. The students did a great job grasping the conservation of matter and how it applies to chemical changes of matter. We also covered the difference between mixtures and solutions and how to separate mixtures and solutions.

In Social Studies class, we have moved from American independence to the early days of the Republic, and especially the Westward expansion that followed quickly on the heels of the founding of the new nation. We discussed reasons people might want to head west and also possible conflicts that the students expect might arise as they do so.

Writing class has been split into two parts. One, as mentioned, is a small amount of time devoted each week to practicing presentation skills as we present our persuasive essays. The other part of the class we have devoted to new writing projects, including a harrowing tale of being lost in the jungle!

March was a great month for Level 8, and I can’t wait to see what April will bring.