What a fun month April has been for Level 3A. These themes are some of the most fun ones that we have an opportunity to cover, and the students have enjoyed them as much as I have.

We finished our Trees and Forest theme this month, and we had an awesome time learning about dendrochronology, finding the age of trees by looking inside at their rings. The students looked at real wood samples and from them were able to draw some very impressive conclusions about the age and history of the tree the wood came from. In Habitats, the students displayed excellent learning of the topic of food chains, and were able to describe clearly in writing what a food chain is and how it works. In Farm Animals, students learned all about the different farm animals, their needs, and what humans get from them, and after doing so were tasked to create a farm home for various animals that would satisfy both the animal’s needs and the farmer’s, and the creativity and problem-solving skills they brought to bear on this problem show not only how much they have learned about farm animals, but also how much they have learned about teamwork and group discussion.

In writing class, we have been working on organizing our writing and also using it to show what we are learning. The students are beginning to develop very strong natural narrative skills, and our next challenge will be to use more of the vocabulary that we learn about each theme in what we are writing and to eliminate superfluous details while focusing on details critical to the story. I know the students are up for it.

We continue to work our way through what are usually called the “long” vowel sounds in phonics, and though the spellings of these sounds can be quite varied, the students are really learning them extremely well, and this shows in their ever-increasing ability to both sound out and even spell unfamiliar words.

April has been a fantastic month for Level 3A, and I feel that the students have come such a long way from the beginning of the school year. They impress me every day and I can’t wait for our exciting May themes as well. Great job, 3A students!