Hello Everyone,

We have had a very productive April in which we have studied many important concepts that will prove valuable to the students for a long time to come. The knowledge the students have gained will help them understand their world better, and be able to express that understanding more accurately.

In Language Arts class this month we finished up our unit on adjectives and we moved back into writing. We are now writing a description. The use of adjectives is critical when writing a description, so this will allow students to practice using what they learned about adjectives. Students have all chosen their own topic to describe so they can enjoy what they write about. We are going through each step of the writing process to reinforce the best way to write and ensure a quality piece of work is created.

In Science class we closed out our unit on space, and now we have moved into physical science. We are learning about matter and its properties, and we have already performed some real science in class! Students are learning how to observe and measure properties, and they are also recording their data. This is what real scientists do every day! This also helps them practice using adjectives to describe what they observe.

In Social Studies class we are now learning about laws, leaders, and government. Students have done very well at understanding what laws are and why they are important so far. They are also very interested in how government works, and finding out how governments are different between countries. This gives the students a god opportunity to make comparisons of what they know about the government in Taiwan and the rest of the world.

In Journal class we have had a diverse range of writing assignments. One week we wrote poetry, and I was impressed with the ideas the students expressed. They did a great job of rhyming! Students also wrote a description of their neighborhoods and shared their ideas of what important laws are when imagining they were the president. I hope you enjoy reading their ideas.