Greetings, Parents and Students! First, the next month will bring something new as we begin practicing for our End of Year Show. It’s going to be great, and everyone will have a part to say. So, what were some of our highlights from the month of April?

We started working with adjectives in Grammar class a few weeks ago. First, we worked on describing the appearance and personality of people. Next, we moved into taste and smell adjectives, which led naturally to a stimulating activity where we used new adjectives to describe a variety of different foods. That lesson made us all feel a bit hungry!

In Journal, one of the most popular writing tasks was ‘The Jellyfish with a Brain.’ Each student wrote a fiction story based on the nonfiction story we read in Reading the previous month. Another wonderful topic was ‘My Own Money,’ where students designed and described their own paper money that the whole world could use.

In Science class, we have been looking at the qualities of solids, gases, and liquids. This was a great unit for exploring with our hands and our eyes and for using the adjectives we’ve been studying in Grammar. For example, one great activity we did was look at objects through hand lenses to see how the details change and then write descriptions.

In Social Studies, we started with an illuminating lesson on barter and trade. To see how bartering would work in everyday life, we tried to barter our own objects (drawings of them) to get something else that we want. Then we moved into learning about early Americans and European explorers.

Learning about trade in Social Studies was a great basis for finishing our Research lesson on Petra, which was a vital crossing point for traders in ancient times. Now we’ve moved back into Italy and begun learning about the Colosseum. Students listened to short sections about this amazing structure and wrote the information they learned. Coming up next month, we will finish our Research section with Macchu Picchu!

I’m looking forward to a great May!


Teacher Robyn