The month of October has of course been a very exciting time here at Alexander Academy! In addition to covering some really fun themes, the students have also spent a little time getting ready for our Halloween event and indeed had a fantastic time trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.


The first theme we covered was transportation, and the students really enjoyed talking about all the different ways that we can move around. They practiced taking an MRT trip in their Role Play class, and they wrote some really great stories about trips they had previously taken with their families, including what kinds of transportation they used to get to those places. We also talked about community, wherein students learned about all the different places in our community and began to be able to distinguish between those things which are private businesses and which are public services provided by the government. In Science class, they drew maps of their own communities, giving them an opportunity to relate what they learned about in class to their own lives.


We also talked about weather, and the students very much enjoyed having the opportunity to pretend to be weather reporters themselves. They wrote about what weather they enjoy the most as well, and enjoyed sharing their own opinions. The final theme that we covered in the month of October was fall, and of course, Halloween! We learned about all the symbols and rituals that go with Halloween, and the students all had their own idea about which Halloween symbol was the scariest. I was very impressed with the trick-or-treat stories that the students wrote, and I was very proud of their performance while out trick-or-treating. They were mature, polite, and orderly, and sang their songs loudly and clearly. Great job, students! This month’s writing samples are a selection of the Halloween stories they wrote.


We have also continued to work on our phonics, this month delving into the two /th/ sounds, which can sometimes be difficult when students are first learning them. They are working hard, though, and given more time and practice I am confident they can master these important sounds.


Our study of sight words also continues successfully, with the students learning several more very important commonly-used words that they have already had opportunities to incorporate into their writing. This group of enthusiastic and hard-working learners makes teaching fun, and I am very much looking forward to continuing this school year with them.