There’s a classic American song with a popular line “Rolling, rolling, on the river!” I feel like this is a good way to describe our learning in 4A. We have, and continue to refine our learning procedures. This has positioned us nicely to maximize our learning for the duration of the year. I am extremely proud of how well the student have strived to meet our learning goals.


In Science class this month we have continued learning about the living things on our planet. This month’s focus was on animals. We researched how animals have many different parts and each one is made special for that animal. Then we learned how you can use these parts to sort animals into special groups. We practiced recording our information into a graphic organizer. Using this tool we were able to use this data later in our writing project. Next month we will move on to humans.


Social Studies has been a perfect match with Science. We have been taking a deeper look into the planet we live on. Just like plants, animals, and humans, you can break the Earth into part to study. We started with the biggest parts which are the four oceans and seven continents. From there we will continue to study many of the landforms found on Earth. We have begun an extension project that will help us have a concrete concept of these elements.


In Reading class, we have been streamlining our study of reading skills. We have moved on from reading a narrative, and introduced author purpose. We have read a perfect example of author purpose and were able to use this to model our writing project.


Again, reading and writing have been going hand in hand. Using the information we collected in Science we already had the prewriting step completed for our new writing project. Please keep your eyes out for a very exciting writing project to be released soon!


The samples posted this month give a glimpse into a smaller writing project we just completed. These examples of writing a narrative gave the students an opportunity to practice the writing process we have been studying in grammar class.


Thank you 4A for all the amazing effort you give in class every day!