In October we have been learning about some wonderful things! I am so excited to tell you about them! We are doing well with classroom procedures and becoming a community. We are anticipating a great fall semester!


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have studied about living things. We learned: About different animals, how to classify them in to groups by their characteristics, we also learned that animals were designed in different ways to help them get the things they need and survive in their environment (adaptation). We have done an experiment to see how different birds use different kinds of beaks to get their food. In Social Studies for the month of October we have been learning about the landforms, climate, and regions of Taiwan and other countries, too!


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we are still working on writing better paragraphs. We have been doing some creative writing using more details and the skills we have learned in reading about story structure and compare and contrast. We are excited about the skills we have acquired and have been able to apply to writing. In Grammar class, we have been practicing using the different kinds of sentences that we learned about in September. In Reading class, we have enjoyed a story entitled “Teacher’s Pets.” The story tells about a teacher named Miss Fry and her students, but the story is not what you think it is. The teacher tells her students that they can bring something special to class on Mondays. One of the students asks if he can bring a pet. She said, “Yes!” By the end of the year Miss Fry had a small zoo in her classroom. The reading skills they have been working on are; compare and contrast and story structure.



As you already know, we are studying the human body for our yearlong project. During research this month we have been learning about our nervous system and its components. We have learned that the main parts of the central nervous system are the brain and the spinal cord. We have learned how the nerves branch out from the spinal cord to reach the rest of our body. October has been an exciting month of learning!! We will continue to learn more about how our nervous system works and what happens when it is damaged in November, but we will also begin our exploration of the digestive system!