Level 2A had a great first month learning about ourselves and our homes. We have spent a lot of time going over class rules to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience learning English and students feel comfortable sharing their ideas to the class. Students fully understand each core subject and understand what is expected of them in each lesson. We have a lot of vibrant students in the class who like to participate in all activities.


Our first week focused on Welcome and Manners. Students learned the rules of the classroom and how to be a nice friend. We learned how to help others through Journal class and Role Plays. Students introduced themselves by creating a self portrait and presenting it to the class.


In the second week, Level 2A learned about My Body, Foods, Health and Hygiene. Students learned the vocabulary of different parts of the body which they wrote on a body worksheet. They finished a Journal class on how to maintain good health and hygiene by writing about good things we can do for our bodies to stay healthy. We learned about healthy foods in a Dinner Role Play where students prepared meals using healthy foods for each student. Finally, we learned about good hygiene through a very interactive Science class where students learned about germs by placing them on a piece of bread and then watching over the next week how the bread was affected by the germs.


In the third week students learned about Families. The class learned about what the different family members are called and how they are related. The class had many brainstorms to reiterate everyone’s relation in a family and created a family tree in our Science class. We had a Journal class on the different members of each students’ family and spent a lot of time focusing on the Rhyme of the Week which the students did a really good job with.

In our fourth week, Level 2A learned about Homes and Rooms. The brainstorm focused on different types of homes and the rooms you can find in them. It extended to what we find in these rooms and what we use these rooms for. The students completed three Role Plays, a Laundry Role Play, Evening Routine and Selling a House Role Play in order to fully understand the rules and what behavior is expected in them. This way the class will be able to get the most out of them. Students learned about small household appliances in a Science class.

Level 2A has been very motivated to learn this month which is a good start for the year. We are working on their confidence in learning about speaking to the class as this will help them want to participate in all activities. I look forward to the next month of lessons that we will have!