Dear Parents,


Level 2A continued to have a great month of January learning about new themes and continuing in their phonics workbooks. The themes of the month included Firefighters/Policemen, Folktales, America/Brazil, England/France.


When learning about policemen and firefighters, Level 2A reviewed what we find in our community and the importance of community helpers. The students learned that these are people who we can trust and who are there to help us if we are in need. The class also did a role play where they acted as either member of the community and addressed problems that were called in.


During Folktales week, the students learned about different folktale stories. They learned about the elements of the stories and that they all have a morale to them. In a role play, the students acted out goldilocks and the three bears. They practice their speech in being goldilocks going to the bears’ house.


During America/Brazil week, the students learned about maps and where cities, countries and continents are on the maps. The class used phonics exercises to sound out and locate different places on the map. They learned different foods and traditions that are associated with each country. In a fast food role play, students learned how to order and sell certain types of food. Students also performed an interesting science experiment of using colors to separate oil and fats.


During England/France week, students continued to understand the different parts of a map by locating different areas on their own. They had an interactive role play where they were tourists in both capital cities. They brought cameras and practiced common sentences needed in different languages when traveling. In a cooking role play, they also made French crepes and offered them to the other students in the elementary.


The class continues to work through our phonics workbooks, ensuring that each student has the proper phonetic sound of each letter. They are all doing a great job at using these skills to sound out new words and read short sentences. I am impressed with their efforts so far and they are showing in their improvement in the classroom. Keep up the great work!




Teacher Ashley