Dear Parents,


Level 2A had another interesting month discussing four new topics. The themes of this month were Seasons, Plants, Flowers & Seeds and Animals. The class finished the first phonics book and are ready to dive into the second during the month of December. The students performed well-mannered and practiced role plays which allow them to use their English speaking abilities. The students are doing a great job at retaining new vocabulary every week!


During Seasons week students learned weather patterns of different seasons and how plants and animals change during these seasons. Students performed a Through the Seasons Role Play where they built different aspects of each season. During Plants week the students learned about different kinds of plants, different parts of a plant, plant needs and the plant life cycle. Students performed a gardening life cycle role play where they planted seeds, provided their needs and watched them grow. Students also began a science project in which they put a seed in a bag with cotton and moisture so they could grow in the window.


The following week, the students learned about Flowers & Seeds which reviewed and extended their knowledge of plants. Students performed a Carbon Cycle role play which they acted as carbon dioxide and oxygen molecules to demonstrate how plants are important to our environment. Students continued their science project by taking their seedling which grew in a plastic bag and planting them in soil. They are growing very well! The month ended with the topic of animals. Students were able to offer many different types of animals which we reviewed and we used this knowledge to sort them into different species groups based on their characteristics. Students performed a zoo role play where they set up a zoo, acted out different animals and had to guess which animal was which.


Every week Level 2A has a weekly role play which allows students to learn new speaking and conversation in real life situations. This month, students performed grocery store, library, movie theater and carnival role plays where they learned about good manners, how to ask for help in finding something and how to explain their game for the Christmas event to others.


Level 2A finished their first Phonics book which consisted of 6 letters that the students can correctly pronounce now. They have begun to use these phonics skills to sound out and blend words as they begin to read full sentences independently. They worked very hard and fully understood all of the exercises. The students are advancing in all aspects of their language learning and are always eager to learn. I commend them on all of their efforts and their development is exciting to watch. Keep up the good work Level 2A!




Teacher Ashley