Dear Parents,


Level 2A continues to improve as the calendar year ends. The students did an excellent job hosting our Christmas event and enjoyed learning about Christmas from around the world. I continue to be impressed with the improvements they make every month and their development has shown in their major assessment grades. The month was spent learning about the following four themes: Winter/Christmas, Dinosaurs, Christmas around the World and Police/Firefighters.
The month began by learning about Winter and Christmas. The students learned about what happened during the winter season and winter activities. Furthermore, they learned about different Christmas traditions and gave them lots of practice to learn their Christmas songs and to practice hosting their Christmas event game. They had a Christmas Eve role play where they spent time eating a family meal and enjoying each other’s company.
The students really enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs in the second week. They learned about when dinosaurs lived, the names of dinosaurs and different characteristics of each. They performed a paleontologist role play where they brushed off and dug up dinosaur bones and assembled the puzzles into their proper shapes. Also, during a science lesson, the class made clay balls and used dinosaur toys to make dinosaur imprints to understand how paleontologists know about dinosaurs.
In the third week, the class learned about Christmas around the world. They prepared special shoes filled with chocolates and a carrots for Sinter Klaas and his horse who visited us overnight all the way from Holland! He left the students chocolates and candies in return. They also performed another Christmas Eve role play where they had the opportunity to watch the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer classic after spending the week learning the song.
Finally, the students had a week of learning about firefighters and police officers. They learned about the roles of both members of our community and the equipment that they use. They also learned which phone number to call for each and in which instances we need to call them.
The students continue to move forward in their phonics books which are allowing them to understand the letters and sound of letters in the alphabet. They use this knowledge to learn new words in these books and use their phonics skills to read other books in the classroom. I am very proud of the progress that the students are making and encourage them to keep working hard!




Teacher Ashley