Dear Parents,


I continue to be impressed with the students as they make improvements individually as well as together as a group. As the students become more confident in their abilities and can communicate more effectively, they are beginning to support each other and offer guidance when needed. This is making for a very comfortable and fun working environment where every student has the ability to prosper in their own way and share their particular strengths with others.


The class focused on the three themes of Welcome, Feelings/Emotions and the Five Senses. In Welcome week, the class focused on reviewing the rules and the steps to creating a supportive study environment. They also set their behavior and learning goals for the rest of the year which they are very focused on.


In Feelings/Emotions week the students were able to offer the feelings that they had learned from the previous semester and learned new, more advanced ones. The class continues to review this in our daily ‘How are you?’ exercise where students express how they are feeling at the beginning of each class. During this week they also performed a Morning Routine Role Play where they asked each other whether they had finished morning tasks. Further, they also performed a Supermarket Role Play where they set up different sections and asked each other to help them find products.


During the Five Senses week, students learned about the different body parts and how they are used to perceive different things around them. In an interactive science experiment, the students used their sense of smell to describe different materials before deciding what they were. In a senses role play, students closed their eyes and felt different objects to describe what they felt like before guessing what they were.


After much practice of each grapheme we have learned so far, Level 2A has finished the second Phonics book and has begun to work on the third. They are very familiar with the exercises in the books now and are able to complete them and retain a lot of new information from them. They are now using this knowledge to correctly sound out words, sentences and read short stories.






Teacher Ashley