Dear Parents,


Welcome to our first newsletter of the year! September was a busy month with the students adjusting to our class routines and working hard on speaking English. All classes are set up with a weekly theme such as family or weather around which we plan our weekly role-plays, journals, and science lessons. Our 3A classes this month covered topics loosely based upon ourselves.  The weekly topics were feelings and emotions, family, home and rooms, and clothing and shoes.  We had a lot of fun learning the theme vocabulary with rhymes, stories and role plays and even used them in sentences in our journals with a picture. The students have also progressed very well in their use of essential phrases relevant to our topics.

Our first weekly theme was feelings and emotions. During the brainstorm, the students did a wonderful job of discussing specific emotions they have felt, as well as the causes of those emotions.   During role-play, we practiced different ways we can respond to other people’s emotions. The students practiced comforting those who were sad, as well as congratulating those who were happy. They also did great work getting started on our journal lessons and getting used to more rigorous writing assignments.

Our second weekly theme was family. The lessons this week were focused around the relationships we have towards the members in our family.  The children gained perspective on this topic during our role-play in which we practiced introducing and mapping out the relation of a new member in their family.  We, then, learned how to share the responsibility of caring for a new baby.

The third week of lessons focused on homes and rooms. The students had a great time decorating a home this week in role-play as well as acting out the activities done in each room of their homes.  I was very pleased at easily mastered the distinction between homes and houses or apartments, as well as the structure of buildings.

The final week of lessons were about clothing and shoes. This was a very fun week for the children, especially during science class when we took microscopes to different articles of clothing and tried to discern the materials they were made of and the distinctions between them.  They also greatly enjoyed planning a family vacation and packing their bags with the correct clothing needed for specific activities and climates.

The writing samples included are from our work in our journal. We usually use our journal exercises to expand upon the material we learn during the weekly introduction and make it personally relevant.  The topics covered in the samples were Home and Rooms, as well as Family.  During the first I had the students try to list what rooms they had in their house, as well as what they do in each of those rooms.  In the second sample I had the students try to discuss a normal dinner with the family.

After a few weeks of class we were are getting in to the rhythm that we can all expect in our weekly class.  I have nothing but high hopes for the rest of the semester and I am looking forward to more fun next month.