Dear Parents,


Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. September was a busy month with the students adjusting to our class routines, the class assessment and working hard on reading, writing and speaking English. We are off to a great start and I’m very excited by the progress we are making.


In the first week we settled into our schedule and students were adapting to the class routines. In Grammar our focus this month has been sentences and we started with identifying the subject and verb. For Spelling and Phonics, we did short vowel sounds. Our Science unit for the month was plants; we started discussing the different plant parts and their functions. We read a story about a trip to the moon and then wrote a fictional story called “My trip to the moon”. In our first Social Studies lesson, we talked about families. The students were also introduced to our research project about The Olympic Games. We brainstormed all the different sports that the students like to play and watch.


In the second week the lessons had a strong theme of comparing and contrasting. In Science, we continued learning about plants with a focus on sorting them into different groups. We read a story about a big trip which looked at different modes of transport. Our writing this week compared the city with the countryside. For Social Studies we looked at our roles in the classroom and discussed helping and caring. Our research project was about the history of the Olympic Games and its origins in Ancient Greece.


In week 3, we continued identifying subjects and verbs in sentences and did vowel- consonant- e in Spelling. In Science, we focused on the life cycle of a plant. We read about where food comes from and wrote about our favorite foods in our journals. In our Olympics research lesson we looked at Aquatic events. In Social Studies we discussed the concepts of Leaders and Rules.


In week 4, the students learned about Soccer in our research lesson. The spelling lesson continued using vowel- consonant- e. In Science, we began a new unit about animals and investigated how different animals use different body parts. In Social Studies, we took a look at communities and community helpers.


The writing samples I have chosen are both non-fiction pieces. One is called “Foods I like to eat and foods I don’t like to eat” in which the students were asked to describe their favorite and least favorite foods and why they like or dislike them. The other is called “My Best Vacation” where the students wrote about their most memorable holiday experience.


It was a splendid month and I’m looking forward to October!




Paul F. Hiett