Dear Parents,


October had a very autumnal feel as the students prepared for Halloween alongside their usual learning.


The first week we looked at short vowels in spelling class. In Science class we looked at the life cycle of Animals and how cats change as they grow. In social studies we reviewed everything we covered in the first unit. We read “The Emperor’s new clothes” and examined cause and effect. The students then wrote their own funny stories.


In the second week we had a review of everything we’ve learned so far. Science class covered body parts and how we use our 5 senses. In Social studies we discussed facts about our planet. We read a scary story, then the students wrote their own in their journals.


In week 3, our grammar lesson focused on verbs and spelling was about consonant clusters. Science class covered the life cycle of people. In Social studies we talked about the Pacific Ocean and started looking at landforms. We read stories about the North and South Poles, then the students wrote a story about a big surprise.


In week 4, Our Science class looked at good and bad health habits and what our body needs to grow strong. We read about Martin’s vacation and learned how the details of a story convey the main idea. The students then wrote about a time when things went wrong. We discussed the difference between rivers and lakes in Social studies. We also learned the grammar rules of past and present, as well as using contractions.


The writing samples I have chosen are both fictional pieces. This month’s reading and writing lessons focused on the writing skill of author’s purpose. One is called “My Funny Story” in which the students were asked to write a story that would make the reader laugh. The other is called “My Scary Story” where the students wrote with the purpose of scaring the reader.


I am confident in the progress of my students as we move onward through November!




Paul F. Hiett