Dear Parents,


Welcome to our third newsletter of the year! November is already coming to a close and winter is drawing near. Our 3A classes this month covered topics loosely based upon the life cycles that we encounter around our world.  The weekly topics were seasons, plants, flowers and seeds, and animals.  We also worked really hard to start off on the long road of writing independence and fluency. The students have shown some real improvement in their ability to write their own sentences about things that they have read.

Our first weekly theme was seasons. During the brainstorm, the students did a wonderful job of discussing specific activities and weather phenomenon that occur around us during each of the seasons.   During role-play, we practiced acting as either animals, people, or plants as they change throughout the year. The students practiced loosing their leaves, and hibernated for winter. They also did great work during our science lesson when we learned what causes the seasons by learning the place of our planet amongst the stars. .

Our second weekly theme was plants. The lessons this week were focused around the entire structure of plants, as well as the function of its parts.  The children gained perspective on this topic during our role-play in which we practiced enacting the processes of photosynthesis and the making of sugar.  We, then, learned about all of the uses of plants in our everyday lives.

The third week of lessons focused on flowers and seeds. The students had a great time acting as bees and learning the process of pollination and the creation of seeds.  I was very pleased at easily were able to recollect and use the material that we had learned from the previous week during the lesson. They also planted some green bean seeds and we took care of them throughout the week.  They are still going strong.

The final week of lessons was about animals. This was a very fun week for the children, especially during role play when we worked to gain an understanding of adaptation and evolution by learning about the requirements of living in the wild.  The students had to adapt to survive.  They also greatly enjoyed learning about the classification of animals.

The writing samples included are from our work in our journal. We usually use our journal exercises to expand upon the material we learn during the weekly introduction and make it personally relevant.  The topics covered in the samples were seasons as well as flowers and seeds.  During the first I had the students try to discuss what an animal would do during each of the seasons in order.  In the second sample I had the students try to discuss discus the function of each of the parts of a flower.  .

We are well on our way towards being effective English speakers, and I have seen some real improvement in all of their skills.  I have nothing but high hopes for the rest of the semester and I am looking forward to more fun next month.




John Joseph Miller