Dear Parents,


December had a very festive feel as the students got excited about the Christmas and New Year celebrations.


The first week we looked at urban dwellings in our social studies lesson. The students all enjoyed our science field trip to Da’an park pond to investigate wetland animals. Our reading and writing lessons focused on fairy tales, we read some examples, discussed what a fairy tale is and then the students wrote their own. We also did some research on basketball.


In the second week we discussed citizenship in our social studies lesson. Our research lesson was about Table tennis. In science we did an experiment about evaporation and talked about deserts. Our writing lesson focused on cause and effect, we read “Whistle for Willie”, the students then wrote about what they want from the future and how to obtain it.


Because Christmas fell in week 3, we got very seasonal. We read various festive books and discussed the true meaning of Christmas. We then learned how to lay out a letter and wrote one to Santa Claus. In science we had a review. The spelling class focused on more long i words. Our Olympic lesson looked at different types of canoe events.


Week 4, was a short week because Friday was New Year’s Day. We also had our Major Assessment tests on Monday, but we managed to cram a lot of learning in a small space of time. Our Science lesson looked at the distribution of land and sea on the planet Earth. We also discussed global warming and the problems facing our planet from potentially rising sea levels. The students even designed their own underwater cities. We also read poems about pets and then wrote our own.


The writing samples I have chosen are both stylistic pieces. One is “a letter to Santa” where the students learned how to lay out and write a letter. The other is a poem called “My Perfect Pet” where the students not only learned to write in verses, but also wrote in rhyme. Both of these skill based writing tasks were completed with great enthusiasm.


I am very proud of my students and look forward to more excellent months in 2016!




Paul F. Hiett