Dear Parents,


Level 5A continues to improve in all aspects of their learning which was reflected in their second of three major assessments. The students reading and writing have improved greatly as their vocabulary has expanded from exposure to all of our lessons. Students have had very interesting Science, Social Studies and Research classes. They further spent some time learning more about different Christmas traditions from around the world during Christmas week.


In Science class students learned about how environments change through weathering and erosion. At the beginning of the month students learned about how people and animals get energy and what healthful foods are. The class focused on the causes of these and how different landforms change over time. Another lesson focused on what rocks are, what they are composed of and how they are used in different ways depending on their hardness or softness. They also learned about the different layers of soil and why soil is important to all living things.


In Social Studies, Level 5A learned about different traditions and how cultures can be shared. They learned about different landmarks, monuments and symbols from around the world, why they’re built and what they represent. Further to this, they learned the difference between national and religious holidays and some ways that people celebrate their different holidays. The month ended with a lesson on peoples’ needs and wants which we discussed during Christmas week. This helped the students understand that they are fortunate to have all of their needs met.


Students have gone more in depth in their Research studies by taking people they have already learned about and furthering their knowledge of them and their influence by recreating scenes of their time through role play. Students prepared and performed a women’s suffrage protest role play and subsequent election role play to understand how this movement occurred and how it led to significant human rights gains for women in the 20th century. They also looked more into Robert Schulz’s (the creator of Peanuts and Charlie Brown) influence as a political cartoonist in the Second World War. The students are gaining a lot of new knowledge in this class in which they fully immerse themselves.


The class continues to move through our Phonics workbook which is giving the students the confidence to use the skills they gain in this class and apply it to reading in other lessons. They are also learning to logic of how words are written which allow them to improve their spelling in writing class. Finally, they use the vocabulary that they use in all aspects of their English. Their speaking has definitely shown improvements from the practice they have in pronouncing their phonics words every week. Great work this month Level 5A!




Teacher Ashley