Dear Parents,


Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the February newsletter. Even though this has been a short month, the students have worked hard to achieve a lot.


In the first week we started our world of work unit and looked at jobs in social studies. The students all enjoyed our science lesson about water. Our reading and writing lessons focused on cause and effect. Our spelling looked at the different sounds of c and g. In our Olympics lesson we looked at shooting.


In the second week the school was closed for the Chinese New Year holiday.


In week 3, our social studies lesson looked at foods journey from the farm to our plate. In science we looked at ways we can be environmentally friendly. We began reading Animal Farm again and re-wrote “My favorite animal”. Spelling was about the vowel sound in “tall”. The Olympic lesson was about Horseplay.


In week 4, we discussed the past in our social studies lesson. Our research lesson was about Fencing. In science we looked at recording the weather. The students wrote about taking care of their own dragon in their journals and we continued reading Animal Farm. Spelling focused on the vowel sounds in boot & took.


The writing samples I have chosen have an “animal” theme. One is fictional and one is non-fiction. The fictional piece is called “How do you take care of a dragon?” where the students had to really use their imagination. The non-fiction piece is called “My favorite animal” and required the children to conduct research before writing.


I am very happy with the progress of all my students and look forward March.




Paul F. Hiett