Dear Parents,


Level 5A continues to work hard in all of their lessons. Their writing has been improving with more focus on story structure being learned through our Reading classes. They are gaining new vocabulary through Science, Social Studies and Research which they can also use in their English conversation and writing. Phonics lessons are ensuring that they are learning the proper sounds and way to speak and read in class. Through learning and practicing new grammar rules, the students are learning what makes a proper sentence which they can also apply to their journal writings.


In Science the students have focused on using and saving resources. The students learned what different kinds of natural resources are, how they can be used and re-used. The class also focused on the importance of saving and conserving resources. We conducted a number of science experiments including one to model and understand how much water is lost from a leaking tap and the class made a thermometer. Further, the class learned about the water cycle by creating precipitation in a large and small bowl while using ice cubes as clouds.


In Social Studies the class learned about people at work. Lessons included saving money, learning about production, trade between people and nations and we began America’s past. Students performed a trading role play where they received a number of goods and had to decide what was important of them to keep and what they were willing to trade for other items. They also made a diagram of how a grape goes through production to become a raisin.


The students are continuing to learn new influential individuals of the 20th century which is allowing them to get a good understanding of events during that time through the efforts of these people. In February, students learned about Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Andy Warhol, leading artist in pop art movement and . Students are beginning to see re-occurring themes which is aiding them to fully understand concepts of the subject.


I am very pleased with all of the students’ improvements in their reading, writing, speaking and comprehension and I encourage them to keep up the good work!






Teacher Ashley