Dear Parents,


Happy New Year and welcome to our first newsletter of 2016. January got the year off to a great start.


In the first week we had a review and the students worked on their mid-term examinations.


In the second week we started our world of work unit and looked at needs & wants in our social studies lesson. The students all enjoyed our science lesson about rocks and minerals. Our reading and writing lessons focused on sequence of events, we read about butterflies and wrote about a journey. Our spelling looked at words that sound the same. In our Olympics lesson we looked at weight lifting.


In week 3, we discussed goods & services in our social studies lesson. Our research lesson was about Golf. In science we looked at soil. The students created their own characters in their journals and we read “The new friend”. We also had a spelling review.


In week 4, the students learned about buying, trading and saving in our social studies lesson. Our science lesson focused on air and we learned about air pollution. The students had fun learning about limericks in reading and then writing their own in their journals. In spelling we used words that end with s and es. In our Olympics lesson we looked at Archery..


The writing samples I have chosen are both poetry in the style of a Limerick, which is a funny poem using rhythm and rhyme.


The students are all doing well and I’m looking forward to their continued improvement throughout the year.




Paul F. Hiett