Hello, 2A fans! I don’t even know where to begin to try to describe how proud I am of the students in this class. Here’s one example, I absolutely love coming in on Mondays and listening to the students tell me all about their weekend. It is so fascinating to hear them use their new vocabulary they learned the previous week. The themes this month centered around Daily Living. We studied areas such as: Transportation, Community, Weather, and Fall/Halloween.


Transportation week presented a great opportunity for the students to share what vocabulary they already knew. This included the names of most of the common vehicles you may see in Taipei, like scooter, car, or train etc. Then, we were able to incorporate this vocabulary into complete sentences. Using these sentences we were able to describe how a scooter is driven on the road and a plane flies through the air. I think it’s safe to say everyone loved learning about the Space Shuttle!


The term community can mean so many things. One may say community is a place where people live and work; while another may include the fact that community is the people themselves. The neat thing is, both can be correct! In 2A we studied this theme for the point of view of “Our Community.” Of course the students don’t have to go to work yet, but to them school is equally important. We discussed the many places that exist in a community and how nearly all of those places need community helpers to operate. We had plenty of role plays to help us learn about the important of each and every member of Our Community. Role playing the Fire Station helped us better understand, that it take more than the fireman holding the water hose to allow a Fire Station to be helpful. One example would be the dispatch officer how is needed to take the call for help. Our hope is that each student will desire to one day become a productive member of their community.


As I mentioned earlier it was so encouraging to hear the students come back to class and be able to use the new vocabulary they had learned to tell me about the weather over the weekend. Weather is great to learn about because it is something the students are very familiar with. It’s not hard at all to teach what rain in when you live in Taiwan. This also gave us a great way to start discussing how the weather is changing now that Fall has finally arrived. And lastly we were able to finish off with a super performance by the students who worked so hard to prepare for their Trick-or-Treat outing. I was so proud of the performance.


It is truly a privilege and honor to work with such amazing students! Thank you 2A!

In “Weather” week, we learned what can we do and what we need in different weather.

On rainy days, we need to use an umbrella or wear a rain coat.

In summer time, we can go have fun at the beach. Don’t forget sunglasses!

In “Fall” week, we went out to the park to observe all the plants, are they changing in this season now?

Here is another kind of plant. We used magnifying glasses to see the difference between these plants.