Hello again 2A family and friends. What an amazing job the 2A students have been doing. It has been such a neat experience to see how quickly the students are able to learn new skills. In the month of November, we had some exciting themes that focused on living things and life cycles. We started with a season theme to see how there is a cycle to the weather. From there we moved to Plants, then Flowers and Seeds. Next we covered Animals, and then focused on Bugs.


It was fun to cover Seasons and hear how the students were able to use the vocabulary they had learned previously in the Weather Theme. While we were learning about the four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter –  we also covered the twelve months of the year.


From there we launched into the Mighty Plant. We had so much to cover in this theme. We started by identifying the main parts of a plant such as roots, stem, leaves, and flower. In science the students had a chance to make a set of roots out of straws; afterwards we discussed how the roots soak up the rain water from ground. Then we covered the job that each of the other parts have to help the plant grow. The following week we moved on to the bigger topic of the Plant Life Cycle. For this theme we took a look at how a plant starts from a seed, and then grows into a fully grown plant including new seeds. Those seeds are then spread out to make new plants, and then the plant dies. We also learned exactly what a plant is and what a flower is and how a flower is part of a plant.


Next we moved on to Amazing Animals. I started by mentioning that there are many ways in which a plant and an animal are similar. However, many of the students were quick to point out how they were not alike based on what they had just learned the week before. It was amazing to hear them recall the different fact they had just learned about the plant life cycle. Almost always young children love to learn about animals and this really helps the students engage in the learning. Since many of the students already know many common animal names, we focused on increasing what we could learn about these animals. We learned how to put animals in three groups: pets, farm animals, and wild animals. We also learned how important it is to take care of animals. Finally we ended this unit on living things with a theme on Bugs.


In the middle of all this we have been moving along nicely in our phonics books. We have covered enough letters now that we can begin sounding out complete words. I look forward to seeing the students learn how to read, and before long be able to read more of their Reading Passport books to go along with their pictures!


Great job 2A, keep up the hard work!