What Animals Do You Know?


Hello 4A family and friends! After several week of hard, hard work and many class periods spent learning more about the Writing Process; our first officially published writing project is complete. Please take a moment to look at the two samples posted along with this month’s newsletter. Also note that all of the students have posted a final published piece in our classroom. This has been an extremely helpful activity that brought together many different elements from different subjects. We used data we collected in Science class, English skills we have learned in Grammar class, Reading skills from Reading class, and of course the Writing Process from writing class.


In November Science and Social Studies have gone together. Starting with science, we have finishing up living organisms. We started with people and where they live. Next we will be moving into where animals live. While we are learning about where animals live, we will be studying many different habitats. As we study these different habitats this will tie together with Social Studies where we continue to study different landforms. Also in Social Studies we have begun to take a closer look at the United States of America. It was a little difficult to explain what a state is since Taiwan does not have these. However, it did lead to some very interesting discussions. The students expressed how they would want their laws to be unique if they could make their own state laws. We currently have extension project going in both Social Studies and Science.


I want to highlight one important element from our Spelling Class. As I mentioned in the PTA meeting, we have really began to focus on spelling strategies more so than the spelling words. Perhaps you may have heard the expression “Give a man a fish and he can eat for one day, teach a man how to fish, and he will never go hungry.” There are strategies we can learn about spelling in English that will improve the students’ ability to spell far more words than any single spelling word list.


We have had a busy month of learning, learning, and learning. The students have been learning at a very rapid pace. We have established many key learning strategies that will help us to continue improving the quality of our learning experience this year. From improved note taking skills, to better understanding the writing process, we are prepared to march forward.


Thank you 4A for all the amazing effort you give in class every day!