Dear parents, as the third month of English school comes to an end Ii want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class we are still learning new words and creating our own definitions  for  these words.   We are getting into more and more difficult terms and have to provide a logical context to put  and use these terms in.


In grammar class we started working on applying  proofreading on our own writings . We are going to apply proofreading on our own journals so we get more conscious  during the writing process. We also started looking into the past tense and applying it to simple sentence structures.


In science class we have been talking about how living things adapt to their environment and what the different reasons are  for these adaptations. We also started talking about our genetic inheritance and how that affects the way we look, act and adapt. We started a new little group work project in which we are creating our own food pyramid/web with the laws of energy preservation applied to it.  We are starting to understand the mechanics of living things more and more and are getting a more broad view on evolution and natural selection.


In Social studies we finished up talking about the ancient communities of the Native Americans. We are tying this information into our new subject which is about explorers and colonies. We started talking about how South- and North America were discovered and what the implications were for the local communities. We also started discussing what the different motives are to explore the world. In the last 2 weeks we started looking into the first settlers and how they got helped by the Native Americans. We started looking into the way these different cultures and communities interacted with each other in positive and negative ways.


In reading and writing class we wrote about facts and opinions. We explored some true facts regarding bullying and tried to formulate our opinions about some of them. The goal of this writing exercise was not to find a solution but to clearly formulate our own opinion and eventually formulate a suggestion for solving the problem.