November was a great month for us in Level 7. We’ve seen improvements in motivation and concentration to classroom routines. We also started reading the novel “My Teacher is an Alien”, an exciting tale of two fifth grade students who find out their teacher is from another planet!



In the first couple of month of November we finished our unit on stimulus. We did two demonstrations to enrich our understanding of how humans respond to stimulus. We found out which senses work the fastest by catching a falling ruler. To learn about learned behavior, we drew pictures as a reaction to musical stimulus. In the second half of our month we began the unit on ecosystems. The students began making information cards for living organisms, which we will put onto large charts of the flow of energy in ecosystems.


Social Studies

We continued our detailed study of the United States of America this month with a closer look at New York City and the way humans use land for different industries. The students wrote plans for an imaginary trip to New York. We also learned how to analyze a map that shows the land use of the USA.


Reading and Writing

We read four different pieces of writing from the Journeys textbook this month. We used these readings to write our journals each week. “Coming Distractions” taught us about many of the tricks used by film makers. The students wrote movie reviews in response, using the vocabulary they learned. One of the sample pieces of writing this month is a review on the film ‘Minions’. We read about the history of animation and we learned about different ways to use a timeline. The students made timelines of their lives and wrote short biographies. “Me and Uncle Romie” taught us about characterization. The students wrote journals about the perfect gift they would buy for someone they knew. The last journal we wrote, the students had a choice to write about the reading from Journeys or write about a character from “My Teacher is an Alien”. The other writing sample this month is a prequel story a student wrote about Broxolm, the alien teacher.



This month we explored the different ways dinosaurs use body parts to attack each other or defend. The students made posters that displayed the dinosaur attacks and weapons used by other animals as well. We watched an exciting video called “Discovery Dinosaurs” that showed computer generated scenes of dinosaurs.