Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Level 3A! December has been a very fun month with lots of great themes and one very successful Christmas Carnival.


Our first theme this month was all about Christmas. Students really enjoyed pretending to have their very own Christmas morning, during which they exchanged gifts they had made for one another and practiced gratitude and graciousness. We got to listen to a lot of good classic Christmas songs and practice a few of our own as well. The students wrote letters to Santa Claus and I was very proud of them because they were generous in their letters and asked for gifts for others as well as themselves.


During Dinosaur week, the students got to make their own dinosaur fossils out of clay, and after a few practice runs they were all able to make something very convincing. We were then able to use those fossils during our Role Play class. Students pretended to be dinosaurs slowly going extinct during the big K-T Extinction Event, and then they turned right around as paleontologists and dug up their own fossilized dinosaur bones. This theme is always a student favorite and they threw themselves into it with the excitement I have come to expect from them.


The following week we followed dinosaurs with an exploration of the time between dinosaurs and modern humans. Students learned about the large animals that used to roam the earth, such as smilodons and woolly mammoths, and during Role Play class they experienced a little of what it was like to be an ancient cave man. They made their own cave painting that we then hung on the wall as we pretending to be early humans stalking woolly mammoths for both food and clothing. We followed them from Asia across the ancient land bridge that used to connect what is now Russia and Alaska. They were so convincing as they kept watch so a saber-toothed tiger couldn’t steal our kill.


Our final theme of the month, police and firefighter, redirected us towards a study of our community, which will continue through much of January as well. The students practiced being firefighters struggling to put out a fire and rescue the people inside the house. They also learned how to put out a fire by taking away the heat and by taking away the oxygen that fires need to continue burning.


I can’t wait to start a new year with these wonderful students! See you all in January!