As we close out the 2015 year with the month of December it is nice to think about how far we have come. The students in 2A have come so far since this past August. This month we explored themes: Winter and Christmas, Roaring Dinosaurs, My Home, and then finished with Heroic Police and Firefighters.


Winter and Christmas was a lot of fun. The students are really starting to understand how the months, seasons, and holidays all fit together. They were able to use a lot of vocabulary and knowledge they have gained already this year to express their thoughts. It did help that the weather was finally starting to feel like winter outside. We took the time to check the temperature each day to discuss the difference between being very cold and what is actually freezing. For Christmas we discussed the importance of having a caring heart. Christmas is a great holiday for showing love to our families and friends.


Roaring Dinosaurs was a super exciting theme. It was interesting to see each student choose their favorite dinosaur. The three herbivores (plant eaters) we studied were the Triceratops, the Brachiosaurs, and the Ankylosaurus. The three carnivores (meat eaters) we focused on were the Spinosaurus, the Velociraptor, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. By studying these dinosaurs we were able to learn new vocabulary to describe several other dinosaurs we learned about.


Next, we moved on to “My Home.” This theme is always very helpful because we all live in a home. There are so many things in our homes for which we can learn the names. We also learned phrases to describe how we use many of these items. We focused on a few main rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the living room. However we also discussed areas like closets and garages.


Finally we finished the month with a theme about a special group of heroes called police and firefighters. The students learned how important these special community members are to us. We learned that police officers can do so much more than just catch bad guys. They also can help any of us when we are in danger. Likewise firefighters do much more than put out fires. They actually do more to keep fires from starting in the first place. The students also learned very important vocabulary as we learned about fire safety.


Thank you, 2A for the amazing effort you have put forth. Each and every student has shown great improvements.

Winter is coming! What do you feel in winter? Is it cool, cold, or freezing? Here are

some snowflakes made from ice, how do they feel?

In “Dinosaur” week, we learned all about dinosaurs. We made dinosaur fossils in Science class, and we are going to dig them out now! Remember, gently, don’t break the fossils!

Finally, we dug out all the fossils we made! Is it Triceratops, or Tyrannosaurus Rex? Let’s see which dinosaurs we found!

We are little Paleontologists! How old is this dinosaur? Is it an herbivore or

a carnivore? We can figure out!