Dear parents, as the last month of the semester comes to an end Ii want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class we have been focusing on the relation between phonetic sounds and the spelling rules that derive from them. We are using visual methods to remember the words that are an exception to this rule. We are also still creating our own definitions of the spelling words as this has proven to be a very successful technique.


In grammar class we have been looking into different forms of verb conjugation. In addition to that we have been working on proofreading short pieces of text to later apply it to the journal.


In science class we have been talking about different kinds of natural resources. We started talking about living natural resources and where and how we apply them in our daily lives. The students now know the definition of a natural resource and how to apply that to the objects they see around them. After talking about living natural resources we talked about the non-living natural resources. We started exploring the concept of minerals and how these can evolve into bigger formations such as rocks and boulders.


In social studies we talked about the necessity of having a job and how to combine that necessity with their passions. We looked into the fact that jobs take up a big amount of our time. From there we decided that it would be a good thing to combine our passions with our work so we can be happy in what we do every day. We also talked about having a budget and how to spend it. The students now know the importance of saving money for later inconveniences and also understand the concept of trading.


In writing class we started looking into creating a structured story with a beginning, middle and end. We looked into these different components and were able to identify what topics we should be talking about in each of these components. The students were able to make a simple story based on their own characters, setting and plotline.