Hello again, 4A family and friends. It is hard to believe another year has come and gone. As we take a moment to pause and reflect on these past few months, I hope you are as proud of 4A as I am. The students have been working so hard in so many areas of their academics.


This past month we have completed a unit in Science about animal habitats. This was a great unit that provided many opportunities to increase our vocabulary knowledge. We spent a great deal of time using this new vocabulary to describe how each habitat is different. Since then, we have moved into the next unit which is about natural resources. Natural resources are the things that are not man made. We will be discussing resources such as water, soil, and air. I have high expectations for the student to be creative as we discuss how we need to be responsible in the ways that we use these precious resources.


In Social Studies we are in the middle of a very exciting unit. This month we have been learning all about the world of work! We started with gaining a solid understanding of what money is, how we obtain it, and how we use it. One of the best lessons for young students is to learn the difference between a need and a want. Also the students will be learning what a budget is and how we can use this tool to help manage our money. By the end of this unit the students will have a much better understanding of how money can be earned, saved, and spent wisely.


As we have begun our new writing project we have been able to incorporate grammar, reading and writing together. For this new project we will be focusing on skills used for writing a good personal narrative. Again, as we look back over the last few months it has been amazing to see how well the students have improved their writing skills. I have also seen the students applying some of the skills they have acquired to other areas of their written work.


I am extremely proud of all the students for putting forth their best effort. I cannot wait to see how much they will achieve in the new year. I have complete confidence in each and every student as we continue to build on what we have learned thus far to reach our goal of mastering new English skills.


Thank you, 4A for all the hard work you have done in 2015! Let us now turn our attention to 2016 and set the skies as our limit!