December has been a busy month here at Alexander Academy! We have been learning thought-provoking things in Science. In Social Studies we have learned and experienced things from other cultures. In Reading and Writing we have been working hard on our skills. We are excited about what is coming up in the new semester!


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have been studying about energy and environments. We learned: how environments can change and the impact it has on animals and people. We learned about what animals and people do to adapt to the changes in their environment. In Social Studies we have been learning about how we share cultures with others. We were able to taste foods from other countries. We enjoyed chili from the American culture and quesadillas from the Mexican culture. We also shared an art-form from Japan called “origami.”


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we have been working on the writing process. The students have been working on revising the stories that they have written and editing. Soon they will be publishing the final draft. We have also written more personal narratives trying to improve on the details in events that had happened in their stories. In Grammar class, we are still working on improving understanding of the writing process and how to properly apply it to writing assignments. We have also begun a new unit on the different kinds of nouns. In Reading class, we have enjoyed reading a story called Ugly Vegetables,” and learned a valuable lesson. We should not make judgments base on outward appearance. Some things that are not attractive on the outside may be very wonderful on the inside! Reading skills covered in this unit include main idea and details, author’s purpose, text and graphics, and story structure.



In December, we have learned about the anatomy and functions of the digestive system. We also learned that other organs assist the digestive system in the breakdown of food to turn it into energy. We were able to connect this with what we had been learning in science, how animals and people get energy! We have also discussed different diseases of the digestive system. Next month we will be covering the endocrine system.