Dear parents, as the last month of the semester comes to an end I want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class we have been looking into the phonetic sounds of different spelling words and the spelling rules we can apply to a big majority of them. We also have been looking into different visual techniques to help us remember the exceptions on these rules so we can spell all the words for a specific sound in a chapter correctly. We are still making our own definitions combined with a group discussion as I think it really helps the students to have a better concept of each word and its meaning.


In science class we have been talking about the Earth’s surface and how it is build up. We have been looking into the concept of non-living natural resources and their uses. First, we started looking into minerals as the smallest non-living natural resources that we use. We have been observing the fact that all of these minerals have different properties and can be used for different reasons in different products and systems. After looking into the minerals we started looking into the combination of these minerals as they occur in rock formations. We have been looking into the different ways rocks can be created by nature and the reason that this is a process that takes millions of years.


In social studies we have been looking at an early independent form of America where technology and social structure are being established. We have been looking into steam energy as a major source of energy for transportation and industry. We also have been looking into the system of slavery and how it defies the basic human rights of those enslaved. We have been observing the communities that came out of that era of slavery and the consequences it still has on America as a society today.


In reading and writing class we have been starting an interesting project. For 3 weeks we have been writing about 3 explorers that are making a world journey or “race” to the same spot in the world. These 3 explorers are each unique characters that the students created themselves. I am curious to see where the students take their explorers on different adventures and give them each different obstacles to overcome.