Happy New Years to all the students and parents! December was a very exciting month in Level 7. We have begun to increase the amount of writing we do in Science and Social Studies as well as our Writing and Research classes.



In Science this month we completed a unit on ecosystems. We learned about the different roles of organisms in ecosystems, such as producers, consumers and scavengers. When we learned about the special role of decomposers, we grew mold in class. The students learned about the conditions mold needs to grow by putting two halves of the same piece of bread in two different plastic bags.


Social Studies

We finished up our discussion about the economy in Social Studies. We discussed the roles of producers and consumers in the economy. We then learned about the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and the end of slavery in American history. We covered the areas of why people need communication, transportation and recreation when living in big cities.


Reading and Writing

We read some very interesting stories this month that motivated some great writing from our students. When we read “Jose: Born to Dance”, the students noticed that the author used sound effects in the story. Timmy did a good job of integrating the writing technique of using sound effects in his story “The Famous Hockey Game”. Another story we read was about a family that takes care of an owl and it enjoys watching TV! Our journals for that week starred animals that like to behave like humans. Jerome decided to explore the idea of tigers that could play hockey in his story “Tiger Hockey”.



Continuing our study of dinosaurs, we discussed home people display dinosaurs in museums. I shared my personal story of visiting the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum in Alberta, Canada. We looked at pictures and maps of how museums and zoos are built. The students began working on designs for their own imaginary dinosaur zoos or museums.