Happy Chinese New Year to all! I am so excited to see how well 2A will do this second semester. We have gotten off to a great start for 2016. In January, we have explored themes such as doctor & dentist and community places like the super market, library and post office. Next, we moved on to a special theme about traditional tales. Lastly, we finish January by taking a look at America in North America, and Brazil in South America.


Staring with doctor and dentist we learned just exactly who doctors and dentist are. We learned how these are people who worked really hard in school to learn how to take care of other people. I took just a few minutes to make sure we all understood that doctor or dentist were not the English names of these people. Rather these new words were the names of their professions. We learned all the vocabulary you would want to know if you were going to visit one of these doctors. We also took some time to review a lot of the instruments used for a health check. I wanted to help the student learn that many of these items do not hurt at all, and we have no reason to be afraid.


Next, we took another look at some community places that are very important. We started with a typical super market. We review how there can be different types of stores in which we shop. Some sell only food, and others might sell a variety of items. Also we learned that a library has much more than just books. We practiced using a lot of new vocabulary as we role played other services offer by a public library. Some examples include magazines, DVDs, and access to a computer. Lastly, we learned everything we could about what a post office is and how it works. The students were so interested to learn how a letter can make it from there home all the way to a family member or friend in America.


The third week had a special theme about traditional tales. Some of the students were familiar with some common examples such as the Three Bears and Three Little Pigs. However, it was so amazing to see how well the students did at understanding the moral we can learn from each tale. From Three Little Pigs we learned about hard work, and from Stone Soup we learned that sharing is caring.


And lastly we finished up the month by taking a look outside of Taiwan. We started by making sure we all understood exactly were Taiwan is, and that it is a part of the continent of Asia. From there, we learned were North and South America are. The students were very interested in many of the new places we learned about in Brazil.


We had a great 2015 and I am super excited to see how much more the students will improve in the new year. Keep up the hard work 2A!

In dentist role play, we practiced what we should do when the dentist needs to

check our teeth. “Please open your mouth!”

In “Dentist” week, we also learned about the importance of cleaning our teeth.

In Science class, we used tooth brushes and tooth paste to clean the egg, just like cleaning our teeth!

What else you can find in our community? “Library!” In role play, we learned different resources in the library, such as magazines, DVDs, and also computers! Do you know what are we doing? Yes, we are using computer to check for information!

Let’s have fun! In “Traditional Tales” week, we read a lot of different traditional tales and learned the moral of the stories! Let’s start our little play! Guess which story we are performing?