The first month of 2016 has been very exciting so far in Level 3A! We are learning a lot in the new year!


Our first theme this month was Doctor and Dentist. The students really enjoyed pretending to be doctors during Role Play, when they had a chance to diagnose and treat different illnesses and injuries. During journal class, they had the opportunity to talk about a time that they visited the doctor or to imagine a future when they themselves would be doctors. You can read in the reading sample one such journal, in which a student is very ambitious in imagining himself as an important doctor in a big hospital.


During supermarket, post office, and library week, students spent a lot of time distinguishing between those parts of the community that are privately run for profit versus those that are provided as a service and paid for by taxes. This is not an easy distinction for the students, yet I was proud of how hard they worked to comprehend such an advanced concept. During our Role Play of a supermarket, students decided what kind of meal they would make and listed the necessary ingredients. Then they organized their own grocery store and went shopping for their ingredients to take home and cook. I was amazed by how well they worked in their groups to come up with a list and how well they managed their time as a group.


Our next theme was Traditional Tales, and the students had a chance to read stories that are teaching us a moral lesson. Our class focused on The Little Red Hen, as this is a story about the importance of everyone making a contribution in order to reap shared benefits. This is just like our classroom, wherein if all students are following along and paying attention we have more time for fun activities like Science class and Role Play class, and I believe that this week learning about this story helped the students to understand this. For our writing class, the students had a chance to write their own version of a traditional tale with its own moral lesson, and you can read this as part of the writing samples for this month.


Our last theme of the month was America and Brazil, and I was very excited to teach my students about my own country. We talked about famous American landmarks as well as the languages, population, currency, and flag of the United States. We also talked about the rainforest of Brazil and why they are very important for all the world’s people.


Next month has a lot of great themes in store for us as well and I am excited about what is coming up!