Dear parents, as the first month of the semester comes to an end I want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class we have been focusing on the relation between phonetic sounds and the spelling rules that derive from them. In grammar class we have been talking about the different parts of the sentence and how to use them. All the students are now able to identify nouns and verbs in a sentence and we also started adding some adjectives to our writings to make our stories more rich and interesting.

In phonics we are now able to take on words that have multiple syllables.


In science class we have been focusing on solving the problem of trash and re-using non-renewable resources. Students are able to make a distinction between the process of recycling and reusing. We also have been talking about the weather and how the different oceans and wind streams affect the weather in different countries. We also have learned a lot about the different tools and senses we use to measure the weather. For that reason we created a weather vane from scratch by using the creative input of our own class.


In social studies we have been talking about how a product goes from a farm or its origin to the final product you can see and buy in the store. We also have looked into the concept of past, present and future. We have been discussing the way we can retrace the past and which sources are more reliable than others. We also have talked about the fact that the future is very ambiguous and hard to predict. Finally we talked about which processes are going on in the present and how you can distinguish between them.


In writing class we have been focusing on character creation and how we can develop our characters in our story by changing their emotions. We also started distinguishing between prewriting, writing and proofreading. Next month we will heavily focus our attention of the proofreading part of this process.