Hello 4A family and friends, and hello 2016. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! People often say time flies when you are having fun. That must be what is happening in 4A, because it is hard to believe 2015 is already gone. The students have done an outstanding job so far, and I am confident we will continue to be successful.


In Science we have finished up our unit about the different elements that make up our Earth. We learned the two main qualifications for something to be considered a natural resource. First it must come from nature, and second it must be something we use. A few natural resources we explored were land, water, air, soil, and rocks. For the next chapter, we will discover way we can take care of these resources and use them wisely.


In Social Studies we also just finished up a unit on the world of work. It was an awesome unit filled with lots of important vocabulary we would use to help us manage money. We started by learning the difference between a need and a want. One example would be we may want a new video game, but we need new school clothes. Next we learned how we can make money by working. And most importantly we took a look at the concept of sacristy, and how it plays an important role in the choices we make with our finances.


In grammar class we have continued to improve our understanding of the rules we use when speaking, reading, and writing in English. We are in the middle of a unit on writing a personal narrative. This is going well because we just finished a writing project about writing a personal narrative. This has given each student an opportunity to reflect on their own writing. As we complete this unit each student has discussed ways they want to improve their writing on their own. I am extremely proud of the progress 4A is making in their writing. The next reading and writing skill we will be focusing on is story structure. We will specifically be focusing on character, setting, and plot.


Overall I could not be more proud of how far each and every student has improved. In this class we have really begun to focus on the concept of intelligence. By definition the word intelligent means having the ability to learn. One of my primary goals for this group of students is to help them understand the value of learning. I know it is not possible for me to teach them everything the need to know. However, my goal is to get them one step closer to being able to learn anything they want.


I am excited to see how amazing 4A will do in 2016!