January has been full of activity at Alexander Academy! In science we have been learning about the earth. In Social Studies we talked about economics and how trade works. In Reading and Writing we have been practicing our skills. The new semester is here and we are excited about all the new things we are going to learn!


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have been studying about how environments change. We learned how people can have a positive or negative impact on the environment. We also studied about weathering and erosion as well as natural resources and how to conserve energy. In Social Studies we have been learning about work, income, and saving money. We also discussed relationships with other countries and how trade is carried out between countries. We talked about how important it is for an economy of a country to keep good relationships with others.


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we have been publishing some creative writing pieces with the skills we have acquired thus far. We have started a new project this month that the students are very excited about. We have begun a class newspaper. It is published once or twice a month. The students will each have a turn to write for each section of the paper. The sections will include: sports, current events in and around Taipei City, politics, pet news, wildlife, fashion, art & music, and honors and awards at Alexander Academy.  In Grammar class, we are still working hard on improving skills already learned while acquiring new skills as well. In Reading class, we have enjoyed reading some fiction and non-fiction. The stories included: Super Storms, How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, and Jellies.  Reading skills covered in this unit include main idea and details, compare and contrast, and story structure.



In January, we have learned about the anatomy and functions of the endocrine system. We also learned that other organs are involved in aiding the endocrine system to work properly. We were able to connect what we have learned to what goes on inside our own bodies. The students are already beginning to prepare for the end of year presentation. It’s going to be great! This month we also started to talk about the immune system which will extend into February.