Dear parents, as the first month of the semester comes to an end i want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class we have continued looking into the phonetic sounds of different spelling words and the spelling rules we can apply to a big majority of them. In grammar class we have been working on different parts of the sentence such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. We are trying to apply more adjectives to the writing in our journals to make the pieces more rich and interesting.


In science class we have been looking into renewable and non-renewable resources. We having been comparing the two and identified why non-renewable resources can only be used to a certain extent. We talked about fossil fuels and the alternate options to create energy. We had a class debate regarding these two options in which we weighed of the pros and cons of using fossil fuels and alternate energy resources. We came to the conclusion that fossil fuel still plays a big part in our world and economy. We also came to the consensus that fossil fuels are a finite resource that causes a lot of pollution and economic instability in the world.


In social studies we have been looking into communities and what we can do for the common good of our community. We also looked into laws and rights and how they have to balance each other to create a healthy society. We also talked about the democratic system and why every vote counts when it comes down to changing your community as a group of people. To demonstrate this we did a class performance in which each group came up with class rights and rules. After creating this “constitution” the students presented this project and could vote for the system they preferred the most.


In reading and writing we have been emphasizing on character creation and the development of emotions through the course of a story with a structured beginning, middle and end. We also looked into character traits and why they are more resistant to change than the emotions of our characters.