Hello 2A family and friends. I hope things are going well for you so far in the new year. Here in 2A we have been having a great time in 2016. This month we covered some important themes that will help the students be more successful in and outside of the classroom. Also we explored a brand new exciting theme! Please read on to learn more.


We started off with a very important theme that we actually started off with last semester. We call this the welcome theme. In this theme we cover important vocabulary needed to feel comfortable and welcomed in the classroom. First, we role played what it would be like if we had a new student. Each student had a chance to share something about our class that they felt was important. Then as a whole group we expanded our vocabulary and added new activities we will be doing the second semester. The student really enjoyed participating in the brainstorming session when they were able to add information by themselves. It provided the perfect learning opportunity to explain to the students that we will continue to move more toward them leading the brainstorm as they know more and more. They have done a great job at improving their critical thinking skills.


We also took another look at a great theme about feelings and emotions. Starting out we reviewed the difference between a feeling and an emotion. Some examples of feelings we explored were hungry, sleepy, and feeling ill (sick). Some examples of emotions are happy, sad, or scared. It is so important for the student to be familiar with the vocabulary they need to express these feeling and emotions. This is especially helpful for me as their teacher in case a child needs to let me know if they are not feeling okay. The students had a very fun time in role play as they acted out a feeling or emotion while there classmates had to guess what it was.



And lastly we finished up the month by taking a look at a brand new exciting theme about building and construction. This was a super fun theme loaded with a lot of interesting information. It was great to get to brainstorm together with the students to see what they might have already known about what is inside of a structure. After that we were able to fill in the gaps of missing information so the students had a complete understanding of all thing construction.


I truly enjoy working with the 2A students. They have been working so hard and the results are absolutely amazing!