I hope that everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year Vacation and please know that you and your families have my best wishes for the coming year! In 3A class we have really made the most of the month, even though it was a little shorter. We have really learned a lot and covered some fun themes.


We started off with welcome, which gave us a good chance to review and add to what we already know about classroom rules and routines, and to expound upon having a successful class and the importance of working together with our classmates. We also talked about goals. The students learned what a goal is and why it is important for us to set goals for ourselves in order to achieve more and more as time goes by. The students also wrote a journal about the goals that they wanted to set for themselves in this semester and I will continue to remind them of their own goals in the hope that they can work towards self-improvement.


We also learned about feelings and emotions this month. We talked about the differences between feelings and emotions and learned some new words for different emotions. The students now know what it means to feel thrilled, embarrassed, and regretful. They really had such a fun time in Role Play pretending to experience these different emotions and then guessing what emotions their classmates were showing in pantomime.


Our final theme this month was about the 5 senses. This theme was really great for the students. In Science class we got to learn about the interrelated nature of smell and taste by trying one food while smelling another. We ate tiny pieces of apple while smelling a cut onion and found that we could taste both apple and onion in our mouths, even though we were only eating one of the two! The students and I very much enjoyed this experiment. We also talked about different ways to use our senses while practicing teamwork skills. The students had to line up without using their sight, without using their hearing, and then without using both. I think they were surprised by how challenging it was and gained a new appreciation for the marvel that is the human sensory array. In Journal class, we talked about how using our senses to describe things can improve the quality of our writing, and the students wrote about their favorite place using words from each of the five senses to describe that place and say what they liked about it. This project brought out some really fantastic sensory descriptions.


Great job, Level 3A, and Happy New Year! Again!