Dear parents, as the first month of the second semester comes to an end I want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class the students are still learning new words and putting them into a correct context. We are still creating our own definitions of every spelling word to stimulate the creativity in the students and to make sure we fully comprehend the meanings of the words.


In grammar class we went over the basic grammar rules again and are ready to enrich our grammar by using adjectives in different situations. The students have been practicing adding adjectives to their writings so their writings seem more detailed and interesting. The students also realized that overusing these adjectives can also lead to the opposite effect. Overusing adjectives can lead to a dull story with too many details.


In science class we have mainly been talking about weather. We looked into tools for measuring weather and created some tools ourselves such as a thermometer and a weather vane. We also demonstrated how a rain gauge works and how simple systems can still be proficient to fulfill the task at hand. We also looked into the water cycle and how it works. Students did an experiment in which we could create a cloud in a jar demonstrating the concepts of evaporation and condensation. Students now understand that water is in constant movement and is also constantly affecting our climates in relation with temperature changes.


In social studies we started talking about moving abroad and the reasons people could have to move to a different place. From that insight we moved back into history to observe migrations made by settlers to America. We looked into their motives but also into the struggles people have to adapt to a new environment. Students now realize that some countries have been “discovered” and colonized and that migrations are still frequently happening in the present.


In writing class we looked into the differences between emotions and character traits. We tried to write a story in which a fixed character trait changed caused by a traumatic or insightful event in the main characters’ life. We also tried to write a welcome letter for people who come to Taiwan for the first time. By doing this we practiced writing from the first perspective to a specific public.

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