Hello, 4A family and friends. I hope everyone had a great New Year’s holiday. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to get some good rest in, and I hope you had a nice time with your families.


In Science we are continuing to build on our knowledge of the natural resources we have built so far. In our current unit we are learning all about pollution. We had a good brainstorm session about what is pollution, and more importantly where does it come from. Perhaps the most beneficial point we explored was the fact that pollution is caused by humans, and humans alone. Nothing in natures causes pollution. Not the trees, the weather, or the animals. As we studied these elements to pollution we made sure to keep one main idea in front of us. We learn about pollution, not so we can make more of it, but instead, how we can make less of it.


In Social Studies we have completed our unit on the world of work. Through that unit the students were able to gain a better understanding of how scarcity works. Also the students learned that it is better to earn money than expect someone to give it to you. We covered a lot of vocabulary needed to communicate a plan one may have for their money using a budget. In the new unit we just started we will take a look at how things change over time. We have gotten off to a great start will a three circle Venn diagram brainstorm. Using this we can compare and contrast the past, present, and future. We will continue to add to this chart throughout this unit as we discover new elements in each lesson.


In reading and writing the students are having a lot of fun with their new writing project. In reading class we read a super silly story about a pig name Poppleton and his sad tree. It is a great story for identifying characters, setting and plot. We have used this example to help us practice these skills in our current writing project.


The students in 4A have been doing an outstanding job using critical thinking in our brainstorms. We have had some amazing debates as each student works their way through their own thoughts. This has provided the best possible opportunity for a student to support their stance with more than, “Because I think so.” Each student is learning how to support their thoughts with facts. Overall, we are making gains on our goal to become intelligent members of society.


Keep up the hard work 4A!