February has been fabulous at Alexander Academy! In science we have been learning about the natural resources and conservation. In Social Studies we talked about how people and nations trade. In Reading and Writing we have been practicing some old skills and learning some new ones. February went by so quickly.


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have been studying about what natural resources are and ways to conserve them. We learned how people can reuse and recycle to reduce landfills. We also learned ways that electricity can be produced using wind and water. In Social Studies we have been learning about how the barter system works. We also discussed how people and nations trade goods. Finally we talked about ways people earn, spend, and save money.


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we have been writing on topics such as: If I Were President and My Dream Vacation. Our newspaper project has had a slow start, but now that the New Year celebration and winter break are over, I am hopeful we will be able to get into full publishing mode this month. The sections will include: sports, current events in and around Taipei City, politics, pet news, wildlife, fashion, art & music, and honors and awards at Alexander Academy.  In Grammar class, we are finishing up the unit on the different types of nouns. In the coming month we will be moving into writing book reports and story writing. In Reading class, we have enjoyed reading some fun fiction and interesting non-fiction selections. The stories included: Meeting Norbert Wu, Click, Clack, Moo, and Smart Animals. Reading skills covered in this unit include main idea and details, compare and contrast, and infer and predict.



In February, we have learned about the anatomy and functions of the immune system. We also learned that other organs are involved in aiding the immune system to work properly. We were able to connect what we have learned to what goes on inside our own bodies. The students are already beginning to prepare for the end of year presentation. It’s going to be great! Next month we will be studying the Respiratory system.