Dear parents, as the first  month of the second comes to an end I want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class   we are still learning new words and creating our own definitions for these words.   We are getting into more and more difficult terms and have to provide a logical context to put  and use these terms in.


In grammar class  we have been wrapping up the first semester by reviewing the different parts of a sentence such as noun, pronoun, adjectives, adverbs, subject and predicate. Students should now be able to identify each piece of the sentence and change and adapt their sentence structure to make the sentences more interesting.


In science class we have been talking about the atmosphere and what different layers there are. We have been learning about satellites and their different functions but also about the way pollution in the atmosphere can affect our environment and weather. We also started looking into different methods and instruments we use to predict the weather and how they work. Next month we will be looking into clouds and how they can also help us predict certain weather patterns.


In social studies we are mainly talking about governments. We started exploring the system at the bottom and tried to figure out how local governments work. We noticed that communities can have a big impact on their government on the local level and that there are many interactions possible. Going up we talked about the state government and national government and saw that both government rely on 3 branches to govern and create the law system. The students are now creating a chart which they will have to present to their classmates. Through this way we are completing the final step of the learning process by explaining a complex system in our own words.


In reading and writing class we have been working on the difference between character traits and emotions. We saw that character traits are personality factors that are hard to manipulate while emotions are more pliable and less fixed. We also created our own travel guide for people who want to visit Taiwan. In this way students learn how to write from the first perspective to a general public.