We are all excited in Level 7 to start the second semester! After a well-deserved break, the students got right back to work improving their reading and writing skills. As an instructor, I am determined to increase our expectations this semester, and the students are motivated to meet new challenges.




We finished our unit on “Changes to the Earth’s Surface” with a lesson about erosion. We returned from the break to start a unit I am especially excited to teach, “Managing Earth’s Resources”. We have had very illuminating brainstorms about non-renewable and renewable energy, pollution and climate change. As activities, the students made wind turbines, debated fossil fuels and will make posters out of recycled material next week.


Social Studies


We have had lessons on a variety of topics in Social Studies this month. We took a close look at maps before the break, and the students made floor maps of Alexander Academy. After the break, we had a lesson on automobiles and assembly lines. We discussed why an assembly line is an efficient way to make a product. In our last week we did a lesson on the Great Lakes region of America and the different recreational activities you can do on a lake.


Reading and Writing


Our readings this month were “The Life and Times of the Ant”, “The Dove and the Ant” and “Ecology for Kids”. We learned about fables, stories with animals and morals. The students all wrote excellent fables with a lesson at the end. Our writing sample from Ines this week is a fable she wrote. It has a very good lesson. The writing sample from Timmy was written after we read “Ecology for Kids”. Timmy tells us why we should drive fewer cars to protect the Earth.




For our research on dinosaurs this month we are beginning to look at specific species. We first learned about the three different eras of time the dinosaurs lived in and how certain species only lived in certain eras. Our first species study this month is the velociraptor. The students are encouraged to extend their knowledge of each species with our optional research homework.